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22 Nov 2018


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07 Nov 2018



Eat my hat. Full Size


Costs and arm and a leg. Full Size


A man of letters. Full Size

Textures from Texturefabrik

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02 Nov 2018

Graphic Design in Glengarry Glen Ross

The movie Glengarry Glen Ross has some of the most accurate graphic design I've seen in film.


The office in the movie is truly fleshed out through its use of design. These aren't examples of good design, but of good set design. Look at this piece of utilitarian design behind Alec Baldwin. It looks cheesy and chintzy and exactly like something that would come from the downtown office of this shady company. In fact the poster communicates the exact message that Baldwin's character delivers in his speech, minus the threats and profanity.


Here we see a couple of banners. They look like they were probably made with a word processor and printed on a computer printer. I propose that Kevin Spacey's character is the one who made these banners. They don't have the look of something that was brought from the main office. I think they were just a hamfisted way for Spacey's character to motivate the salesmen, and I can't imagine that they were well-received or even noticed, but they totally fit into this setting.


Lastly, here is the brochure for the Glengarry Highlands. I would struggle to believe anything that was written in this brochure. Everything about it seems insincere… too good to be true. The Fine Art of Living Well. Make my dreams come true. Still, I would call this successful design because the brochure folds out into a poster. Hang it on your wall in your cubicle. Contemplate the beautiful photo. Think about your current circumstances in life. Ruminate over your conversation with Ricky Roma and his promises of becoming a self-actualized man. You just might make an investment.

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31 Oct 2018


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20 Sep 2018

New Layout

I have re-designed this website. The main change was the reorganization of my image gallery. I decided to use Lightbox for the presentation of the images. Initially I wanted to avoid use of Javascript when designing this website. This is just due to the fact that I browse the web most of the time with Javascript disabled (I enable it on a site-by-site basis). I wasn't happy with the wonky way I had set it up using pure CSS/HTML. It would break almost completely if you happened to zoom in or out, which I shamefully found out when I was showing my site to someone. Lightbox (which does use Javascript) presents images in a completely acceptable way, and I think it fits in quite well with my simple website's design.

The other major change was to the blog portion of my website. I had been using Jekyll, which worked well for my purposes. The problem was editing an existing template to integrate into my website's design (this wouldn't have been a problem if I was more experienced with web design or maybe just smarter). It had become kind of a mess for me and I wasn't happy with it. So I started looking for blog solutions.

I found org-static-blog and it does everything that I want:

I am not an expert on any of this, but I really like finding the solutions to these problems that I invent.

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05 Sep 2018

2 More Posters

Your attendance is appreciated and absolutely mandatory.

090518_pizza1.jpg Full Size

090518_pizza2.jpg Full Size

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29 Aug 2018

Some Posters

birds_poster.jpg Hummingbirds Full Size Quote from Werner Herzog's Into the Abyss

nuuh_poster.jpg Nu Uh Full Size

pizza_party_poster.jpg Pizza Party Full Size (photocopy texture from

thisway_poster.jpg This Way Full Size

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21 Aug 2018

Design Innovation

Of course you can make the world a prettier place with design. But sometimes you can truly innovate and make the world a better place.


This DIY Post-It Note dispenser is an example of true innovation.

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