I made a Python script the other day for generating short (5-word) alliterative stories. I have 4 text files: first.txt, last.txt, verbs.txt, and nouns.txt. The script reads in the lines from these files and randomly chooses a first name from the first.txt file. It then randomly chooses a last name from the last.txt file that has the same first letter as the first name. It does the same for the verb and the noun text files.

This is a silly project, but I did find myself running it over and over again because the little scenes it generates are interesting to read. Many make no sense at all, but the script sometimes generates scenes that I'd like to know a little more about.

Candee Corren chases the cold.


Danniel Delahoussaye defends the disease.


Clarrisa Calamia communicates a chicken.

I then decided to write a little flask app so that I could host it on the site. Check it out at markcrable.com/stories