I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with this website. A lot of the posts here are about making the website itself. I re-do everything every couple of months. I probably have more revisions than posts.

I have re-done the gallery section of the website. Before I used Lightbox to present images. I liked Lightbox because it would automatically scale the images, give navigation to the next or previous images, and give nice titles to the image. I didn't like that it required JavaScript to nicely page through images. I wanted to have a main page with thumbnails for all the images. Then I wanted users to be able to click the thumbnails, get a page with a larger version of the image, have navigation and captions, and be able to jump back to the main gallery page at any time to select another thumbnail. I also didn't want to manually create a bunch of html pages because that would get annoying to update and maintain.

To accomplish this, I made a python script to create the pages. It combines thumbnail images into a main gallery page, and generates individual html pages that present the full images. Captions are inserted from text files. This will allow me to quickly update the gallery page by dropping new images into a folder, updating whatever I want the captions to be, and running the script. In the future I would also like the script to just generate the thumbnails for me as well. Totally doable, just haven't yet gotten into it.

I like the workflow of editing this website. Just put posts or images in folders and then run scripts. I also like that I can have different sections of the website that are generated the same way. So this page of haiku can be as easily added as the main section. Just plug in files, run the script, and upload.

I also took off all Google Analytics scripts. It was interesting seeing information about the people that visited this site, but I felt kind of bad tracking people. Maybe there is some different solution for analytics that I can set up in the future that is a little more open. But for now, if you are reading this, I have absolutely no idea who or where you are. Hello!

I'm just trying to make my website weirder, so don't mind the construction. Also I don't think the RSS feed works right now. Break it till it works!