I'm not a programmer, but have been learning to use Python for a bit now by going through Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. It is a really good book. I decided that I would try to make my own generator for this website. As of now this site should be generated with a Python script.

I've been using static site generators to create this site for a while. Most recently I have been using 11ty. Before that I used Org-Static-Blog. And at the very beginning of this site I used Jekyll very briefly. I like static site generators. I like that everything is created in plain text. All posts live as markdown files in a folder. You then run the program and the whole site is generated. It is an elegant way to create websites.

My generator works in much the same way. All posts are in a "posts" folder. Then it takes two HTML "templates." It takes the list of files, generates directories for them and creates individual post files converted to HTML. Then it inserts links to all posts on the main page as well as the date. It also generates an RSS feed.

You can take a look here. This is possibly incredibly bad code. It is among my first Python projects.