In recent years, I have become what I once hated. I have become a loud sneezer.

I've always had an aversion to loud sneezers. The startling jolt of unexpected explosion always left me unsettled. Loud sneezers shatter the crystalline silence and leave us to piece together its shards. Can't they control themselves?

They can't control themselves. I have found out that it isn't intentional at all. Loud sneezing isn't caused by an inability to control one's volume, but by a decreased duration of sneeze onset. If I had any warning that I am about to sneeze, as I once did, I would be able to control the sneeze volume. Sneezes now come too quickly, and I no longer have the ability to process them.

I don't know why this has happened to me, but I'm trying to make peace with it. If you hear a loud sneeze today just know that it is not intentional. Know that even though I and people like me are destroying our society, it is beyond our control.

I'm sorry.

(Skull from pixabay, animated by me.)