Khonnor, or Connor Kirby-Long, is one of my favorite musicians. He released music under a few different names: Grandma, I Cactus, Khonnor, Jimmy Buffer. My favorite album of his, probably because it was the first I heard, is I, Cactus.

i cactus

It is a short album full of short songs. There are beautiful little melodies that are layered with mysterious creaks and static hisses. Even the most frenetic, glitchy beats are tempered with simple melodies that sometimes sound sad, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes triumphant. The songs never overstay their welcome. He presents an idea and then lets it drift away.

Chartreuse Cactus is my favorite.

The majority of his music was released under the Creative Commons license, and you can find I, Cactus, as well as a lot of his other music at You can find out more about Khonnor at Wikipedia or watch this episode of MTV's This is Our Music featuring Khonnor (I recommend it).