A couple of items of design from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

glengarry poster

I like this poster behind Alec Baldwin's character. It looks bad, exactly like something that would come from the downtown office of this shady company.

I also like that when Baldwin's character delivers his speech, he references the exact content in the poster. Like the guys he's ranting at haven't been looking at that stupid poster every night, each fretting about their commissions and their own crushing circumstances.

glengarry brochure 1

glengarry brochure 2

glengarry brochure 3

And here is the brochure for the Glengarry Highlands. I'm somewhat fascinated by this brochure. The way that Ricky Roma unveils it gives it a magical quality. I think you know that this brochure conveys nothing but empty promises, but it conveys grand empty promises. And it folds out into a poster. Hang it on your wall in your cubicle. Contemplate the beautiful photo. Think about your current circumstances in life. Ruminate over your conversation with Roma and his promises of becoming a self-actualized man.

Graphic design is so often aiding in a swindle. Whether it looks bad or good, you should always look at the motivations behind it.