I have re-designed this website. The main change was the reorganization of my image gallery. I decided to use Lightbox for the presentation of the images. Initially I wanted to avoid use of Javascript when designing this website. This is just due to the fact that I browse the web most of the time with Javascript disabled (I enable it on a site-by-site basis). I wasn't happy with the wonky way I had set it up using pure CSS/HTML. It would break almost completely if you happened to zoom in or out, which I shamefully found out when I was showing my site to someone. Lightbox (which does use Javascript) presents images in a completely acceptable way, and I think it fits in quite well with my simple website's design.

The other major change was to the blog portion of my website. I had been using Jekyll, which worked well for my purposes. The problem was editing an existing template to integrate into my website's design (this wouldn't have been a problem if I was more experienced with web design or maybe just smarter). It had become kind of a mess for me and I wasn't happy with it. So I started looking for blog solutions.

I found org-static-blog and it does everything that I want:

I am not an expert on any of this, but I really like finding the solutions to these problems that I invent.